Daydreams and Wallscapes

Positively Paintings  by Janis L. Cornish.

Artist painting nature, family, portraits and visionary visual art.

Comments from my viewers:
February 10th, 2014
      I viewed your art pieces on the
walls at Barrie City Hall today. 
I was drawn into different places, as I experienced spirituality, peace, inspiration, acceptance, positivism, confidence, innocence, beauty and love of nature. Thanks for those places and keep on expressing your work, as I know I will be captured in the moment of many emotions.

"Judy Stone"

Everyday, I find myself inspired to create pieces based on my life experiences.

My children  influence  my work with their enthusiasm and their innate ability to live in the moment.

I  like to portray confidence and playfulness in my paintings but focus on the energy that surrounds me during the creative process.

My palette is important to me when expressing the connectedness and vitality of the universal themes.  The colours I use are at times subtle and restrained and at other times, they are brash and fun.  My preferred styles have colours that help to rejuvenate and refresh the mind, body and spirit


Every time I complete a painting, I begin exploring the recesses of my being for another way to express my values and gratitude for everyday on this beautiful planet.


Janis. L. Cornish

Artist Statement