Janis Cornish


Janis is a self-taught artist from Barrie, Ontario.

"I love drawing and painting"

...Until she'd been away from it for a while she didn't realize how much she depended upon her creative outlet for inner peace.

"It felt like there was something missing",

...And there was.  Due to the challenges of raising 3 kids on her own and balancing a full-time job, Janis had taken a break from painting, which lasted several years.

"It wasn't until recovering from a life threatening illness that I discovered how fleeting life is, and how important painting is to my life force"

...She employs a variety of mediums in her work and demonstrates versatility of style.  However, her favorite works are interpretive and symbolic.  Her awareness of mind, body and spirit along with her love of nature and humanity as a whole, can be seen and felt when viewing her work.

"I need a bigger studio to create everything that is stored in my mind".

...Eventually, she hopes to manifest the studio she pictures in her mind and heart each day.  For now, she works out of a small room in her home that has been converted to a make shift studio.

Janis' work has been displayed in City Hall in Barrie, Ontario, as well as the D.I.Y. Arts Collective's Front Room Gallery and Creative Palette Gallery and Gift shop in Thornton, Ontario..

In September 2013, Janis' piece titled "United Light" was featured on the cover of Spirit Seeker Magazine Vol. 17, issue No. 9 in the U.S.  She continues to seek oppourtunities to show-case her work.

If you have any inquiries, please send her an email from the contact page.

Barrie, Ontario Canada

Artist Statement

Daydreams and Wallscapes

Positively Paintings  by Janis L. Cornish.

Everyday, I find myself inspired to create pieces based on my life experiences.

My children  influence  my work with their enthusiasm and their innate ability to live in the moment.

I  like to portray confidence and playfulness in my paintings but focus on the energy that surrounds me during the creative process.

My palette is important to me when expressing the connectedness and vitality of the universal themes. 

The colours I use are at times subtle and restrained and at other times, they are brash and fun.  My preferred styles have colours that help to rejuvenate and refresh the mind, body and spirit

Every time I complete a painting, I begin exploring the recesses of my being for another way to express my values and gratitude for everyday on this beautiful planet.

Janis. L. Cornish